Effective winter road maintenance management system

IoT weather stations to improve and streamline the winter road maintenance planning


Maintenance planning with accurate forecasting

It is the forecast of the possible occurrence of ice coating and frost where great financial savings may be achieved. If gritting is applied too early, vehicles and wind will scatter it, or it will be diluted by liquid precipitation. If the gritting is applied too late, there is a risk of freezing of the roadway. This shift of the paradigm from reactive to proactive requires making decisions based on predicted road surface conditions up to several hours into the future.

For such a forecast to be made, it is necessary to measure basic meteorological parameters with special weather stations deployed at key locations in the road network and to process these measurements in a special mathematical model for winter maintenance.


Efficient and low-cost weather station solution

SOFTEC has designed and developed a new series of low-cost weather stations which are particularly aimed for winter road maintenance and can be densely deployed in the road network.

Low costs
Easy to assemble
Energy efficient
Conventional stations
Large and expensive
Difficult to install
High energy consumption

Our stations are designed for easy assembly. They are thoroughly energy optimized and capable to operate with a small solar panel or just using batteries for several years. They just need to be placed on any public lighting pole or road signpost for several minutes. Measured data can be sent via wireless networks such as NB-IoT or LoRaWAN. SOFTEC also cooperates with top Slovak developers and component manufacturers in the production of these weather stations.


Measured parameters

The system is well-designed to predict these parameters necessary for the proper execution of winter maintenance.



  • air temperature
  • road temperature

Road conditions

  • ice
  • snow
  • slushy
  • wet
  • dry


  • air humidity


  • wind speed
  • wind direction

Total precipitation

  • liquid
  • snow

Cloud formation

  • cloudiness
  • and others

Forecasts can be made up to 72 hours into the future. The prediction system is based on a mathematical and physical model specifically created for winter road maintenance. The data from weather stations and the atmospheric forecast of SHMÚ (Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute) are the input to the system.


Easy operation with application for dispachers

Dispatchers use the web application to view current and historical measurements as well as forecast values.

At the same time, the application generates various alerts. The alert system is a simple tool for notifying dispatchers when necessary.

The entire software system can also be operated as a cloud service and there is no need to acquire any hardware or software or to install any software equipment on dispatchers' workstations.

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