Environmental quality monitoring

Discover a low-cost and efficient solution for envirostations for measuring air quality and noise.



and its impact

Air pollution is an environmental health risk in the European Union. It causes around 400 000 premature deaths a year and costs hundreds of billions of euros in healthcare. Noise also has an adverse effect on quality of life and health, causing 10 000 premature deaths a year.


Preventive and reactive measures are taken to increase air quality and maintain safe noise levels. It is necessary not only to know the current level of noise and air pollution but also to be able to analyze historical trends and combine them with other sources (such as meteorological and demographic data).


Efficient and low-cost solution for envirostations

Our system is designed for dense distribution in an area and can cooperate with conventional stations. The stations are in line with the up-to-date IoT concept.

Small and more affordable
More monitoring coverage
Low energy consumption
Lower operating costs
Easy installation
Conventional stations
Large and expensive
Less monitoring coverage
Higher energy consumption
Expensive operation
Difficult installation


Measured parameters


Meteorological data

  • air temperature
  • relative humidity
  • dew point
  • air pressure

Air quality

  • carbon monoxide (CO)
  • nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
  • sulfur dioxide (SO2)
  • ozone (O3)
  • particulate matter (PM10, PM2,5, PM1,0)

Noise level

  • equivalent frequency-weighted sound pressure level


Easy operation and working with data

The measured data are sent using wireless networks - LoRAWAN, NB-IoT or GSM.

The graphs show real-time data or data measured in the past at different times.

Use the alerts module to check the current air quality or noise problems in a colored traffic light system.

The data are stored in a central database from which they can be extracted for further analysis.

Operating the system using a cloud service without the need to purchase any hardware or software.

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